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Kenyan producer accuses Harmonize of stealing Uno beats

Dar es Salaam. Kenyan producer Magix Enga has accused singer Harmonize of stealing his beats in the song ‘Uno, saying the beats are his intellectual property.

In an Instagram post, Magix told Harmonize to take down the song within a week or face unspecified consequences.

“Like nothing happened @harmonize_tz Gat some free beats for you bro… I’m giving you 1 week take down the song otherwise… Natoa mwenyewe let me put it in Swahili so that you can understand what I’m trying to say,” he wrote.

Insisting that it took him a day to come up with the ‘stolen’ beat, Magix insisted that he is not letting Harmonize off the hook.

“It took me a day to come up with the Vibe G you get. #BeatKing254 ? This has happened before but this time things will be different… I’m not going to allow that to happen not in 254,” he continued.

According to the Kenyan producer, Harmonize used a beat he created for the famous club banger, ‘Dundaing’ where he featured King Kaka and Kristoff.


A section of Harmonize fans went up in arms almost immediately, claiming that Magix also stole the beat from Nigerian hip-hop artist Olamide.

“You also got the beats from Olamide ‘Motigbana’ and no one criticized you. Calm down bro everyone is trying to have their fair share of this cake, “wrote one of the Konde gang fans.


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