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LG patents a dual folding smartphone that opens into a tablet

First it was Royole, followed by Huawei and Samsung. Now LG is jumping on that sweet, sweet foldable phone gravy train. Well, sort of.

LG patented two fodable smartphone models on 9 August. On the first model, the display is on the inside fold, while the second model boasts an exterior display.

In addition, LG patented a third design which is completely symmetrical; all three patents were published by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

Samsung and Huawei, be warned: LG is not messing around anymore. Let’s take a look at the three designs.

LG buttonless, portless foldable phone

The first design shows a foldable smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It has a front display and a large flexible screen, which is located on the inside of the device.

There is one difference, though. The LG foldable phone has a full screen design which applies to both the front display and the large screen ‘inside the fold.’

Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

From the patent design renders shared by Let’s Go Digital, there are no notches or visible punch-hole camera layouts. Could we be getting a under-the-screen camera after all? We live in hope.

While we don’t have a phone in production as yet that supports under-the-screen camera sensors, both Oppo and Xiaomi have been playing around with the idea.

Foldable LG phone with three cameras in the sidebar

The second patent shows a foldable display which moves to the outside when the device is ‘opened’. This design also appears to have a full screen display.

However, it supports a sidebar that will supposedly house a triple camera setup with flash. The second LG design is similar to the Huawei Mate X in many ways.

The only difference is that the LG phone will reportedly house a 3D camera as well.

Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

Oppo proposed a similar concept back at the 2019 MWC, but it seems that the manufacturer has since deviated from the initial plan. It would be interesting to see which manufacturer gets to the finish line first.

Apart from the side bar, the second design also comes with two physical buttons on the left side of the phones, as well as speakers and microphones placed along the top and bottom of the device.

Symmetrical foldable phone with rear display

The third patent is probably the most interesting by far. At least to me, because it looks like a book. Don’t judge me, that’s the dream. Once opened, the phone allegedly folds to the size of a standard tablet.

This design was also logged with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) back in February. From thepatent sketches, it seems as the though this model could boast up to four displays.

Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

The edges are slightly curved and no notches are visible. Not only will this model reportedly have a front display like the Galaxy Fold, but could have a rear display as well.

While we wait for additional information, the original patent documents can be viewed here, here and here.

Note: The renders of the LG foldable phones used in this article was created by Let’s Go Digital. Protection Status


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