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Nairobi hosts an exclusive, exquisite Hennessy Cognac & Food Pairing Dinner

One of life’s most civilized pleasures is drinking cognac paired with good food and absolutely in good company at an establishment that knows and understands fine dining. It is something that leaves you rejuvenated and looking forward to what lies ahead, because you are treated like royalty and that feels good.

On Tuesday evening, Maison Hennessy hosted an exclusive, quintessence Hennessy pairing dinner with Ben Smith, the Hennessy Global Brand Ambassador at the plush Soi restaurant, dusitD2, an establishment known for its world renowned Thai street food with a modern twist to your plate with such acclaimed cuisine and contemporary space that never fails to impress.

The sit-down dinner was put together by the excellent team comprising of Moët Hennessy Eastern Africa Market Manager Alexandre Helaine and Lucia Musau, Luxury PR Consultant, with African Elite Group Ltd (the hostess with the mostess) who were in attendance. You are always guaranteed of the finest hospitality at an event put together by Lucia Musau and her African Elite Group team. In her own words to the evening invited guests, “you are our raison d’etre.”

Cognac is often sidelined as an after-dinner drink, but in fact, like fine wine, it also pairs brilliantly with lots of different dishes. The evening’s menu (a 3-course meal) comprised of well-prepared delectable meals with great presentation and an interesting flavor I’ve never experienced before; which I can compare to ambrosia, the food of the gods. It was simply delicious to the last bite and perfectly paired with  premium cognacs.

The starter- Crispy Pork Belly (Apple/ Szechuan Pepper) was paired with Hennessy V.S, while the main course- Crispy Beef (Hot & Sour Cucumber Salad/ Sesame) Jasmine Rice (Roast Coconut/ Coriander) and Cripsy Tpgu (Szechuan/ Crispy Leek/ Cucumber Salad) was paired with Hennessy V.S.O.P. Last but not least, the dessert- Almond Creme Brulee (Roasted Pear/ Honeycomb) and Chocolate Fondant (Banana Ice cream/ Miso Caramel Sauce) was paired with Hennessy X.O.

Ben Smith spoke passionately about Hennessy V.S.O.P, which was the main highlight of the evening. If there’s one thing that is more important to Hennessy than perfection–then it’s the consistent perfection. Despite constantly changing elements, Hennessy V.S.O.P has earned its reputation by recreating the same taste year after year, bottle after bottle. It is this process of repeating the unrepeatable that defines mastery. From ugni blanc grapes to V.S.O.P, the beauty of this blend is in the selection.

The Prince of Wales, a cognac connoisseur and future King George IV of Great Britain, personally orders a “Very Superior Old Pale” from the House of Hennessy. Since then, “V.S.O.P” has become a benchmark for all cognac makers. In its 2018 full-year results, brand owner Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) revealed that Hennessy was the world’s best-selling Cognac brand. Its famous name is revered in every corner of the planet.

What a beautiful well put together evening (cognac, food and company). The chef out did himself and special thanks to Ben Smith, who was quite the charming Aussie Gentleman with exceptional knowledge on Cognac. There’s no disputing that Hennessy is the king of cognacs.


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